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About The NSW Self Insurers’ Association

The New South Wales Workers Compensation Self Insurers Association Incorporated is a non profit association of NSW Employers who are licenced to manage their own risk for workers compensation. The Association commenced in 1979 and has grown to have a membership of 62 full member companies, 6 associate members and 24 provisional members. 

In all the Association respresents a very large number of businesses varying in size from national multi-state employers to single state entities. Many of our member are top ASX listed companies and employ workers in a range of different Industry Sectors. Also included through legislation (WCA 211B) as a Deemed Self Insurer, is the State’s Treasury Managed Fund, whose state public entities are not able to self manage their claims, but come under Scheme Agent management.

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Section 211 of the Workers Compenation Act 1987 allows the Authority (SIRA) to grant a self insurance licence.  This licensing requires substantial prudential requirements and securities to safeguard the liability from adverse circumstances.

Self and Specialised Insurers possess an intimate understanding of the true risks and cost drivers involved in workers compensation as they are responsible for both direct and indirect costs associated with the management of their own workers compensation risks.

Unlike Scheme Agents who are influenced by remuneration.  Self and Specialised Insurers have their Company and Workers’ best interests at heart.  The ownership of performance and cost rests with the Self and Specialised Insurer who manage their workers compensation risk with the best possible resources, normally experienced in-house staff.

It is hoped that you will benefit from using our website and any feedback is welcome to chairman@selfinsurers.com

Privacy Statement: This Association respects your privacy, and does not release personal details outside the membership.  


The objectives for which the Association is established are to promote Self Insurance, in respect of Workers Compensation, Injury Management and Work, Health & Safety. One of the key areas the Association does focus is to provide advice to members of Self Insured Companies and those Companies seeking Self Insurance.

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We aim to provide the highest representation and support through the following initiatives:


  • Provide a forum for discussion
  • Provide submissions to, or representations in, all discussions called by the NSW Government, the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (WIRO), the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA), or any other body, determined by the Executive Committee
  • To provide a resource Information and Support Network to members.
  • To promote Workplace Health & Safety and Injury Management best practice.
  • To provide Education and Training to Members
  • To initiate, and provide advocacy for, improvement and change in terms of legislation and best practice.


The Constitution outlines the rules which govern the NSW Self-Insurers Association. It was last amended in 2012 to reflect a new “affiliate” category of membership which enables service providers to become non-voting members of the Association.

To access a current copy of the Constitution please download here.

Executive Committee

Alan Becken


Manager Injury Management

Endeavour Energy

+61 (02) 9853 4320 +61 434 845 550

Currently Vacant


Darren Youles



Westpac Group

+61 466 327 407

Rosa Martins


Case Manager, Health & Safety

Endeavour Energy 

+61 (02) 9412 6559 +61 401 678 478

Previous Committees

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Committee Members

Rebecca Sekulovski

Senior Workers Compensation Claims Officer

Inghams Group Limited

+61 (02) 9826 4531 +61 401 291 533

Kira Hanrahan

Workers Compensation Claims Manager

Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd

+61 419 476 216

Kris Bruckner

Product Strategist

StateCover Mutual Limited

+61 401 678 478

Honorary Lawyers

Mick Franco

Bartier Perry Pty Limited

+61 (02) 8281 7822

Paul H Macken

Leigh Virtue and Associates

+61 (02) 9929 7835

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